Soft and Squishy!

Hello my fellow Royals!

So I been knitting…. well of course I have. I finally have another finished item. It took me a while to actually finish this eeeasssyyy item (which is a slouch beanie). The reason you ask??? I kept taking it out and reknitting and taking it out. I even got to the amount of slouch I wanted and noticed it was way to big for anyone (and I mean ANYONES) head. So of course I had to take it out again. Glad to say I finally got it right and now working on a second one. Since I had no one available to model it… I did it…. lol it was fun and had to laugh at myself!!! Out of all the pictures I snapped, this is the only one I feel comfortable for everyone to laugh with me. I can be silly at times. Now available in my shop!! More colors coming soon…IMG_0880

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