Oh so we knit… ALL!

Hello my fellow Royals!

I have been busy trying to knit new items to add to the shop as well as things for the family. My new thing… If it last… Is one thing for family one thing for the shop. If I keep that up every other item is for the hubby or my little princesses. THE ONLY THING IS I find myself trying to knit them all. I started a hat for my daughter THEN I received new dpns in the mail a be cast on my first pair of socks ever. Now I can’t put down the socks. Where is the new item for the shop you ask? Good question. But…. Bbbuuutttt… Yes there is a but… I did finish a hat (beanie) that is Christmas theme (red and white) just need to take photos and add it to the shop and of course share it so you can see. Furthermore don’t ask about my handmade Christmas gifts…. I haven’t even attempted to tackle!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their past holiday with family friends or even by yourself. I sure did… Cooked…knitted…slept… The best! Oh did I mention my youngest started walking!!!!! She’s walking at eight months isn’t that the greatest little gift!

What did you do for your holiday?

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