Feeling Creative

Hello Royals!!

So I am in the mood to create….. Yeah what’s new. I have been working on a pair of my first socks for my hubby using Paton Kroys Sock yarn and a from them as well which doesn’t any type of heel definition. I figured that’s an easy task especially since these are my first pair of socks.

So while working on these socks I started feeling like I need to make something that is quick and easy to add the shop. Soooooo guess what I seen these cute little shoes for babies that I just had to make… which of course I’m going to make a pair for my 9 month old.

My next projects is the same socks and a hat to finish for my oldest daughter. I am also working on some more of these cute little booties in more colors so stay tune for that!!!

Exciting News for the Miles of Royalty family:

Oh I forgot to mention the last time I posted my daughter started walking at the age of 8 months (at the time)… now she’s 9 months by one day and getting into everything.

Anything exciting for you recently? Hope all is well! Stay creating and if you feel like you are not creative… it’s in you deep within all you have to do is try!

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