Better late than never.

IMG_1023 Hello my fellow Royals!

So I am behind on a lot of my projects….. A lot… but there is a upside to things! I did get things done 😉 so all was not a lost. I knitted up this very so squishy goodness of a hat out of some acrylic yarn, and soon will have added to my shop. It’s been a minute since I added anything on my shop as well as shared what is upcoming, but I promise you they are coming. I’ll just add (as may would know) this is what happens when you try to do more than one thing all at once. I am also still working on sock for my husband that I really need to finish before he thinks I forgot all about him and his first pair of hand knitted sock….. I can’t let that happen! IMG_0929The crazy thing is when I finish this sock I still have the other to do…AHHHHH!!! I also started another pair for him, and I want some (got to knit for yourself now and again), and also for our little ones. I’ll be busy on that end… I should space them out so I could actually get that done… it’s not going to happen but I could say it will. WOW ok with that!

Back to shop updates… I will have another very very soon with more  items available for purchase in a variety of colors.

Been blessed with a great holiday filled with loved ones. How about yours?

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