Let’s Ramble

Hello my fellow Royals!

How’s everything going for you all? I, myself, have been busy knitting along. I told myself I need to get better at posting things…. pouring out my creativity here…. and hopefully would inspire someone else (maybe YOU!) to pick up your knitting needles… or crochet hook… or dye… scrapbook.. or whatever that makes you happy in the creative world and CREATE. I took some time while knitting and taking care of home…. and thought about what exactly I want to focus on this year. I really don’t care for new years resolutions because most likely those are forgotten…. or “revised”. So i made a “focus list.” Things that I want to focus on knitting/creating wise are:

1 knitting more for my husband (owe him so many things)

2 knitting more for my girls (you know those little patterns that are just too cute to pass up, but somehow is forgotten)

3 knitting for myself (always never knitting for myself)

4 knitting a cardigan or sweater (something I haven’t accomplished yet)

5 actually finish a pair of socks (seems easy right…WRONG my fellow knitters whom knit socks knows the craziness with that)

6 Finish the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket (that seems to never end)

7 get back to scrapbooking (my long lost love)

8 use my sewing machine a lot more

For me this is a hefty list. Being a mommy of two little girls and a wife… All my time is claimed. I know its possible to accomplish these things as long as I believe in myself.  At least its things I want to do right?!


So I had to be honest with myself between everything I do on a daily basis and trying to load things on my shop kind of collides. I thought about it…. and thought about it a little more. Came to the conclusion I need to pick a day for my updates. Just one day a week to when I dedicate it to update dating the shop and my content. That way I have a good amount of things being added and a regular working schedule… well a schedule that works for me. That day I picked is not determined. That will be shared once i decide…. Probably Thursdays…..maybe.

Any who. I really want to thank you for taking the time out and visiting me! If you would like to learn a little bit more about me visit my About Page!

Hope you are having a very productive year so far! Have you made a Focus list?

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