Getting things done

Hello my fellow Royals!

I have been extremely busy with orders/projects. Of course with knitting projects and being focused, you always find another pattern to knit or someone to knit for. That actually goes for any project or creative flow one may have. I finally have decided that everything needs to have a schedule to when it needs to be done and/or  available for one to see. For my shop i will start to have all shop updates on Thursday. Which I definitely have a good amount that is waiting to be added. Also i need to be more active here with giving updates and checking in. So with thinking on that I’m trying to decide what day(s) would be best.

Totally switching gears now…

I noticed in life that I have tried a lot of ways to stay on top of things. Like most I try to do all on one day at one time… Mostly that ends in failure. I have always loved to plan and make lists. I tried mostly everything and even tried going “green”  and not write on paper but hit the electronic life style. I find that not to be my thing. It’s something about writing it down…checking it off…scribbling it out… makes it all worth while. As much of a yarnaholic I am, I am also addicted to paper. I love to write! 

So I leave you with this thought, how ever you get things done and/or keep track of things… DO IT! And furthermore ENJOY IT. Reach in and get creative with it!

I have to ask because I know I’m not alone. What’s your favorite way to get things done?

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