I’m back!!!!


Hello my fellow Royals!

I have been missing in action and everything has been neglected. I’ll just start off by saying when March arrives, every year it’s crazy! Especially since my youngest birthday is after mines…. anniversary is on my birthday then comes my wonderful husband birthday 2 days after…. oh and still to come in approximately 2 days my oldest daughter birthday. I have so much to do and caught up on! Sleep can wait. More Posts to come as well as a revamp of my shop!!!! Oh and guess what I actually did a sock.. you know the ones I’ve been working on for hubby… and yes A meaning one sock is completed after months of starting stopping and ripping out…. and since I’m behind on so much I’m not wasting any time with starting the second one.
How have everyone been? Look out for more from me! And to learn a little about me visit my About Me page!

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