Where have I been?

I oh so didn’t think time would fly and so many things would have taking place. First of all even though no a lot of changes have taken place within my shop…I promise you I am still devoted to it. Miles of Royalty is my little baby that I will keep alive. Secondary, I could no longer call myself a stay at home mother. My family and I have chosen to proceed with moving on to the next level and accomplish some well wanted things. Which in returns moves me to getting out there like everyone else and working for someone. With this occurring most of my time is spent away from my shop and creative mojo… I try to take as much of my shop work with me to my (as I like to call it) third job. I gave myself a challenge. I want to see if I can conquer what seems to be not possible (well to me right now). I want to put all in and don’t look back. I got to remember…and I will say this to my children and anyone else that would listen… to be successful you have to stay hungry and go get it. No one will hand it to you already made up and running the way you want. Well not the average person like me. In order to succeed I have to go get it. And that’s what I am going to do. I have to first start off my blogging more. Giving some insight what I am doing and where the business is going. Then I need to add everything to the shop that is ready.. and yes I have things that’s never been added and pictures are already taken…ashame… lastly (well not really) I have to keep it going. I WILL succeed and push thru what I may feel is a no can do obstacle.


Stay tunes I have things to come!! A lot of interesting things!

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