Overdue Blanket

Hello my fellow Royals!

The weekend has came to an end….and now Monday approaches us. Are we ready for a new week? Have  you sat down and written out everything. Scheduled. Dinner plan for the week? Well I have NOT. I would have loved to but instead I used time to play caught up on overdue things. My husband…oh my loving hubby… has been wanting a knitting blanket for years now… would you believe it if I said I started it over two may three years ago…from bulky yarn to worsted… I have definitely started it… just cant seem to finish… When I begun the very very first time I figured if I use big bulky yarn it’ll be finish faster… then for some crazy reason the colors I was using was no longer available and it began to look very tacky. So I figured lets switch to worsted weight..and lets crochet instead… I made it a long way and fell out of love with it. NOW!!! I am again knitting it..still with worsted…and came to the conclusion…. ready for it???? WHATEVS


Still nowhere near done for my six foot husband… but I refuse to let this win.. I hope by winter he can snuggle with it… This is one project that makes me feel like the little engine that could!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and it was productive in some way!


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