M.o.R. ~Day 12~ Podcasts

Hello fellow Royals! How’s it going? I hope very inspirational somehow. I’m doing very well. Still trying to prove myself… to myself. I love to watch knitting podcasts to see what everyone else is up to. It’s like inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Of course by watching them I end up adding more to my WIP lists so then I started to watch anything that shows someone creative side. I even found myself watching craft room walk thrus. Watching these videos keeps me focused on spending that hour (or so) listening, laughing and creating. I find myself stopping or not starting when I don’t have a video going. I tell myself I could start in a few or let me finish this or start that before I sit down. I just wasn’t giving the time required of my shop. THEN I get into the groove to not to stop… boy I tell ya the struggle!

Am I alone on this?

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