M.o.R. ~Day 20~ A Positive Note 

Hello my fellow Royals! Read this:

So many times I think “ugh this is the new normal no way it’ll change”. .. but honestly it’s me dwelling on the “now” and not paying attention to the future. It’s so hard to think positive especially when all around is nothing but stress, unhappiness, and negativity. This could put you in a downward spiral in your personal and business life. Grab ahold of yourself. Step back, breathe, and study the situation.  It may be hard BUT once you realize the situation is not as big as it feel, it will pass. I honestly love this quote. Found it on a stressful day and it truly stuck. I felt the need to share so if anyone needed a boost or a reminder that they’re awesome and it will get better with time. 
Enjoy your day my fellow Royals! Does this quote give you hope of some sort?

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