~M.o.R.~ Blogmas Day 1 Christmas is coming!

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s the weather treating you all? Well here in Florida…entering the last month of 2017… IT’S HOT!!! What happened to winter? Where is the cold front when you need it? LOL oh well. I figured since it’s what is done around this time… I would jump on the band wagon and record these days leading to Christmas.

So i took the time, the day after Thanksgiving, and put up our Christmas tree with my three girls. Which I’m sure you can imagine was very interesting. With the oldest eight, the middle child two, and the youngest now tem months old… need I say more. All part of the joys of being a parent and feeling the warmth growing.

Today i took the time to go through all the yarn I have and try to talk myself out of purchasing annnnyyyyymore.. Can you guess how thats going? The plus side is i have been working on another pair of socks that will be gifted to my cousin. 20171204_185404-339301098.jpg

I have already finished the first and now this is the second one. As long as I don’t cast anything new on I should be finished this weekend.

How do you plan to spend your day? Any big plans for the last month of 2017?


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