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M.O.R. ~Day# 190~ Matchy Matchy

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s everyone doing today? Felt like popping on to show off something not planned at all. Working on how a blanket should be for a baby…. Knitted or crochet…. The struggle lol.. Stay productive even when it feels like a just not possible. WE GOT THIS!!

So pretty right!?? Now to stop playing and work this out to something gorgeous.😆

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M.o.R. ~Day 83~ 3 Color Cowl

Hey there my fellow Royals! How’s the crafts going… the inspiration brainstorming… the “I am my own BOSS” attitude going? Keep those heads up! I’ve been busy purchasing and knitting and figured I share my latest project that I happen to mention to you yesterday…. the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl 

In just one day! This yarn itself (Miss Babs) is like butter. Can’t wait to get this around my neck.

What are you working on? Or what is your main focus for today?

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M.o.R. ~Day 81~ Purchase From HandsomeFibers on Etsy:Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Plat…

Hey there! My fellow Royals…. So i have made some purchases recently including my favorite new needles… 

Really love what I got on @Etsy from HandsomeFibers. #etsystar

These 5 in Cubic needles are so smooth. The yarn slides making knitting faster. I find its all due to the invention of the boxed like needle sides making it easy to knit or purl. I’m Sooo in love with them. As soon as they arrived I casted on socks for my oldest daughter…

..will be done in no time I’m sure. If you haven’t tried these out fellow knitters I’ll say IT’S A MUST!

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M.o.R. ~Day 71~A Day without Yarn!

Hello my fellow Royals! 

Today was a very productive day…. that didn’t include me working on any knitting or crochet! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! What’s up with that?! Well all in all it made my husband happy to see me take a break and have things done around the house. It wasnt easy being addicted to yarn and creating, but what was crazy is with all the productivity I didn’t miss it. Until I completely finished at the end of the day and felt like I needed to make something ANYTHING. So of course sleepy me stayed up and… 

Baby beanie was created while watching knitting podcasts. Afterwards I found myself on Pinterest and found the funniestthing ever to fit my day…

Have you ever took a day off from knitting… crochet … scrapbooking… work that you truly love… how did that make you feel? 

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M.o.R ~Day 32~ Crochet Loofahs

Hey there my fellow Royals! How have you all been? This year is so not waiting on anyone. Am I the only one to notice? Since it seems like the time is going u was thinking maybe I should hold off on the big projects and accomplish much smaller ones. So with in two days I have made 4 mini crochet loofahs that I plan to add to my shop. The only thing is I may want to put it as a set with other items…. Once the decision is made they will be up for purchase. If you would like one or anything else feel free to contact me! 

Hey Royals: View my shop

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M.o.R. ~Day 24~ Crochet Anyone?

Hello fellow Royals! Have you came across a craft that you enjoy, but stopped. I have said before crafts is thing. I taught myself how to crochet and for what ever reason stopped. Well I started again with this beautiful Caron cakes yarn. If you haven’t experienced the craziness of love for this yarn you should! This will be a baby blanket added to my shop once done! I hope you all found a craft you put down and picked it back up for the new year.

Oh if you are interested I found myself on YouTube to find this pattern… bobwilson123 crochet waves 8 point blanket. So easy to follow and very enjoyable! 

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M.o.R. ~Day 15~ Creative Scrapbooking

Hello there fellow Royals! How’d everyone doing? Busy busy busy we! Right? This year, like all others, seem to just go without our permission lol. Just SLOW DOWN! I had a baby shower recently and was given this lovely box to create a memory box. Everything was Paris themed… Looking forward to create just have to make the time… Yeah that stuff that is leaving us!
Hope you all are creating and living life fully! 💝

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M.o.R. ~Day 14~ Baby Cocoon Acorn Style 

Hey there my fellow Royals! Here’s an item that’s been finished for a while that never was added to the shop. It’s a baby cocoon that looks something like an acorn to me.. don’t you think? What’s stopping me you ask? Well I was thinking of adding flowers to it….??? Maybe… maybe not. Or mayb make different color leaves to have as an add on with purchase… something to look into! 

 This is just one of my many projects I finished and haven’t added to the shop…. terrible huh?Let’s not keep ourselves from achieving goals set in life or business! I’ll take the blame because no one else to blame. Am I alone? Have you found yourself with somewhat of an issue with holding yourself back?

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M.o.R. ~Day 13~ Beanie in Progress

Hello my fellow Royals! I am slowly finishing things, but sadly haven’t added any of them to the shop. Guess that means a large update would need to happen… which will be an all day event. Yay slow uploads and stuff! But I’ll definitely get it done. Here’s another item I uncovered that was started and not finished. A very nice lace weight beanie made with acrylic and nylon… Once done this will be added to the shop as well…

Am I alone with restarting to finish unfinished business?

Hope all is well with everyone!